Whatever the way you want to enjoy your camping trip in Scotland, we have the proper equipment to satisfy it.

To make it simple, we can divide in 2 groups the practices of camping in Scotland 

  • Camping site

You choose the comfort of picking up your gears and probably a car/van to discover Scotland. The weight and the volume ​are less a constraint for you. The family friendly qualification will tell you how the item fits to your needs.

  • Wild camping

If you are planning to hike and carry your camping gears on your back, you must keep in your mind that the weight and the volume are the biggest constraints to consider.

You should look after the 3/4 stars wild camping suitable.

In brands we trust !

Don't even think to have the same quality of  manufacture and to enjoy as much your camping trip with cheap brands/gears.

We have selected the most reliable brands, cause satisfying you is our priority ! Their articles are made to face the weather in Scotland, to be durable through the time, strong for the use.

Stars qualification


The design of this product does not fit with this technical specification or usage. 

However, by making some compromise (weight, pack size...) this product can satisfy you at some points.


This article can at some points satisfy your needs but has clearly not been designed for this usage.


This product fits with this expectation. It has been designed by the manufacturer or tested by our own.


This product has been specifically designed to satisfy and to fit with this need.

Specifications meanings

Family friendly :

Behind this term, we mean that the product that you are on to, is suitable for a group (family or friends) who wants to enjoy camping with comfort and the facilities that can bring a camping site. The advantages are for example, a tent more roomy, a cooker with at least 2 stoves, a mat more comfy, having a cooler to keep your food and drinks fresh etc... 

Wild camping suitability :

The freedom and the sensations of wild camping require of having the proper equipment. 

A camping gear designed for this practice means that high technical choices have been made to satisfy it.

Smart design, high quality fabrics, no compromise between lightness and strength, low volume are the biggest points to provide you the best experience.